wellcome to inkylore the site that brings writers and artists together.

There's no doubt that this wiki is still under construction, so let me go through as to how to make your profile page or also known as PROFILING. (Profiling is actually when you assume something about someone because of their race/gender/etc.)

when you first start your profile, it's going to be like a whole blank sheet of paper...

Start with a profile picture, not like the one you already have... but one on the profile page. Use a picture that represents you... it can be a character, symbol or logo... it could even be a real life picture of yourself if you're that bold... whatever picture you find, you're going to want to place it in the upper right hand corner or just to the right. It's up to you, really, as long as it's somewhere near the top.

After that, you're going to make a little list going like this:

Name: (your real name)

Age: (your real age)

Gender: (your gender)

Brand-name: (a name you would like to represent yourself with as a writer or artist... this may also be a group of artist/writers that you work with)

Role: (placing if you are a artist or writer or both)

Bio: ( this part is all up to you... although it is insisted that you use it to talk about yourself)

From this point on, you can pretty much modify this profile page in any way you want... and that's all there is to it.