This is a kind of abstract poetry. The important thing is to read the lines without reading between them.

বতোমক ঈগমা (Mandarin Man)

manager manager my manager

assistant manager, man and a woman , Mandarin man , management man.

Did that make sense to you?

You've just read a work that, while not illegal, was only not illegal by the people who came up with the laws not being completely insane.

The "poem" you see above was written as a front, to hide the fact that I had literally just posted "Black Rice" by Abysmii to the Internet and hidden all of it using <!-- and -->, which can be used to hide text.

Now, I'm not saying this couldn't be used for dramatic effect. If you want to create a story which has a theme of things lurking beneath the surface and have text which is literally hidden inside Source Editor, I'm all for it. But Abysmii was just trying to get his story off the website.

When I woke up the day after I started this, I panicked. What I had done didn't make any sense, and I guess you could see it as a bit of belated teenage rebellion that just happened to be not only illegal, but deeply irresponsible and rude. Who was I to take some CC-By-NC work and repost it as a joke poem?

It was funny while it lasted, but now it's going to be on the internet forever. No one will ever be able to view my stories on this site without realizing that I had done this.

And that'll keep me on the straight and narrow.